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    One of the components of the Newsome Farm is the commercial cow/calf and pasture raised beef operation. Our beef is USDA inspected and raised on the farm without antibiotics, added hormones, or animal by-products. Each cow that is used for slaughter is born and raised on Newsome Farm to ensure that they are each treated with care and the correct precautions are taken to prepare them for consumption. The diets of the cows consist of mixed forages, fescue/orchard grass hay, and a supplemental grain mixture that is started approximately 60 days prior to animal harvest. Our process ensures tender, flavorful beef that is processed at a local USDA inspected facility. To better meet the needs of our customers, we offer meat by the quarter or by the pound. Buying meat by the quarter gives the customer a portion of each cut of the meat, while buying by the pound allows the customer to customize their order to fit their needs.

Call (336)-830-7544 or email to place an order and schedule a pick-up time!

Price List (subject to change)

By the quarter: $4.75/lb hanging weight



Hamburger Patties 



Chuck Eye Steak 


New York Strip Steak 

Ribeye steak 

Sirloin steak

T-bone steak







Miscellaneous Cuts

Beef Stew 

Beef Tips 


Chuck Roast 

Cube Steak

Eye of Round Roast 


London Broil 


Sirloin Tip Roast

Soup Bones












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