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    One of the components of the Newsome Farm is the cow/calf and beef operation. Our beef is USDA certified and raised on the farm without antibiotics, added hormones, or animal by-products. Each cow that is used for slaughter is born and raised on Newsome Farm to ensure that they are each treated with care and the correct precautions are taken to prepare them for consumption. The diets of the cows consist of fescue and orchard grass and hay, along with 13% protein grain 60 days prior to slaughter. The grain does not contain antibiotics, therefore the cows remain antibiotic free. The cows are slaughtered at approximately 18 months of age, or 1,100 pounds. Our process ensures tender, flavorful USDA certified beef of the highest quality. To better meet the need of our customer, we offer meat by the quarter or by the pound. Buying meat by the quarter gives the customer a portion of each cut of the meat, while buying by the pound allows the customer to customize their order to their needs.

Price List: (subject to change) 

Eye of Round Roast $5.50/lb

Chuck Roast $6.00/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast $6.00/lb

Hamburger $4.75/lb

Hamburger Patties $5.00/pound

T bone steak $11.00/lb

Ribeye steak $13.00/lb

Sirloin steak $8.00/lb

Cube steak $5.50/lb

New York Strip Steak $12.00/lb

Chuck Eye Steak $8.00/lb

Beef Tips $7.00/lb

London Broil $7.75/lb

Beef stew $5.25/lb

Ribs $4.75/lb

Liver $1.75/pack

Soup bones $2.00/pack

By the quarter $4.75/lb hanging weight ***We currently do not have beef available by the quarter, but will have some in the next several months. We can only sell by the pack at this time. Call or email to place an order for a quarter that will be available in the future.****

Call (336) 830-7544 or email to place an order  
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